The Canadian Blend


I am a big fan of the blender.

Pour in milk, cocoa and frozen bananas and out comes a delicious milk shake. Tequila, lime, ice? A frozen margarita. Random vegetables with tomato juice? Gazpacho. So it is really no big surprise that most everything I do is also blended. The lines between different techniques or styles are fluid, or fuzzy, depending on the day. What always remains fantastically firm is my resolve to deliver the very best of myself and my experiences to my life, work and play.


What is it that I blend?

 Well, coming from a classical ballet background, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Juilliard School. The incredible teachers I studied with, gave me very in depth knowledge of a wide variety of dance techniques as well as Alexander technique, Method acting and Stage Craft. Moving into my performance career I danced in extremely diverse situations, ranging from a Broadway ballet company, to a jazz ensemble and into a contemporary dance troupe touring the world. Every place I went I took the best of what there was to offer, and stored it…so that one day I could share it with you!  


Dance shmance, you think?

Right. I left the stage because of a big bad injury, and moved to Vienna where I spent 3 years becoming educated as a Pilates trainer. After 1,800 hours of practical hands-on study, I was certified in what could be considered one of the most thorough programs ever. After a few years of working as Pilates trainer I wanted more. So I went off the beaten path and joined a Holistic Dance Therapy program. Here I learned Shiatsu, Feldenkrais, Authentic Movement and a whole bunch of stuff reserved for hippies in the woods. It was a trip! But after 18 months becoming certified I had much more knowledge to store up. And share with you.


So whether it be...

...Sha-lates, dance or movement coaching, each of my clients/students receive bits of what will most benefit THEM out of my experience blender.


And generally we also have a raucous good time. 

No way like connecting to the core through a good belly laugh, eh?

Shaken, not stirred? Heck no!